Plant Assessment

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Asset Optimization in thermal power plant is essential for economic and sustained Generation. As first step , the attributes for performance deterioration must be identified to make economic decisions to restore optimum performance. “Plant ” comprises of such tools/methodologies , which analyzes  the system and equipment in detail and provides discreet inputs. These inputs are reported in the form of data, comparisons, photographs, economics for investment, which further becomes a Tool for owner to take economic decisions.

GRESPL has customized proven  plant assessment techniques to  support the owner in decision making for Asset optimization.


Comprehensive Health Assessment

CHA: Forced outages, poor performances and unit de-ratings are few major causes of loss of power generation. A Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) of Power Plant program can determine the health of the system and equipment/components and identify the problem areas for improvements. Root causes of the damages and deterioration’s can be charted and solutions can be developed to avoid losses in performance and generations to extract useful life to a power plant. GRESPL gives liberty to client to choose & select the required analysis for their machine / component.

Other Services we offer

  • RLA Study of Turbine
  • RLA Study of Generators
  • RLA Study of Boilers
  • RLA Study of Pipings
  • RLA Study of ESP's
  • RLA Study of Civil
  • RLA Study of Transformers
  • Stress Analysis
  • Piping Analysis
  • Hanger Analysis
  • Steam Path Audit
  • Robotic Inspection
  • Fem Analysis
  • Cavt Study
  • CFD Analysis
  • Performance Test
  • Energy Audit
  • Condition Assessment
  • Expert Supervision
  • Comprehensive Health Analysis
  • Intergrity Inpections
  • Engineering Solutions
  • GAP Analysis
  • THickness Survey
  • Eddy Current Testings
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Corrossion Mapping
  • Electrical Testing
  • Phased Array / TOFD Testing

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